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Thabat Real Estate Development provides you with exceptional experiences and remarkable opportunities. It re-inspires and enriches your life with a bright mixture of tradition and originality.

About Thabat Development

A New Urban Experience for Inspiring Communities

Thabat Real Estate Development was founded to become an extension of Thabat Holding’s legacy. It continues its experience in presenting the Kingdom’s most promising projects and ideas as well as providing people with a new experience of urbanization and inspirational communities.

We select the most distinctive locations in neighborhoods that reflect contemporary authenticity with integrated facilities, vibrant environments, greenery, and modern technologies. Stability is a feature of each structure and modernity is the focus of every destination.

An Innovative Style for Every Destination

An Innovative Style for Every Destination

We Strive for Durability in Everything We Do

We Strive for Durability in Everything We Do

Quality Leadership

Quality Leadership

Early on, we have chosen to be the best, in order to be always the leaders. Thus, we cherry-pick the best resources and materials for our projects, as per the best international standards and specification.



We work tirelessly to earn the trust of our partners, team members, and clients.

Maintaining Traditions

Maintaining Traditions

As an Arab real estate development company, we are proud of our identity, our cherished heritage, and our commitment to traditional originality.



We interact with worldwide changes, and are continuously on the lookout for new methods, that could advance our ambitions and objectives.



We are keen on staying readily abreast with Saudi market developments and requirements, assimilating new concepts of our modern way of life, and reflecting them via a traditionally original style in our products.



We maintain long-term futuristic objectives and promise to keep providing products that endure for generations to come.

Durable Values

Our Values

We in Thabat Real-Estate uphold our values, which hold the key to our success. They are the pillars of our culture, and the beacons under which we steadily march towards the kingdom’s 2030 Vision.

Promising Mission

Our mission is derived from the nation’s aspirations and the citizen’s dreams. We aspire to create a new urban experience that gives humans a new dimension of existence, enhances their present with a distinct identity, and lasts for generations by adhering to sustainable standards.

Solid Vision

Our vision is to be among the Kingdom’s premier real estate enterprises, known for developing communities, residences, and residential neighborhoods that combine timeless authenticity with modern elegance.

Deep-rooted Values

Above all, we cherish our values, which hold the key to our success and brilliance.Our culture is the source of our values, and through it, we steadily move forward to build a prosperous future for the next generations.

We Established Thabat

Excellence starts from the location

In Thabat, we own lands with distinctive locations. We are eager to study each site in terms of its relevance to the quality of the project and its audience, its competitive advantages suspended by geographical nature, as well as the availability of educational, recreational, and cultural services.We also look at the aesthetic components such as green surfaces and gardens, giving our projects the advantage of interior-to-exterior integration.

Development takes place from within

In the development of modern housing, we believe that our clients’ worlds begin within. Hence, we seek to optimize the layout of internal spaces by employing them in an effective and aesthetically pleasing manner, allowing our clients to carry out their activities in comfort and privacy, at the center of integrated and adequate facilities. Our projects also provide children with a safe place to play and a space to be creative.

Thabat Real Estate Development | ثبات للتطوير العقاري

Thabat Construction

Building And Construction Pioneers in The Kingdom

We work with Thabat Construction, a major contractor with over 45 years of expertise. It offers a diverse variety of construction and infrastructure projects that have become a benchmark in Saudi Arabia for being completed in record time and with the utmost regard for quality and safety.

Thabat Construction has also formed long-term strategic partnerships with prestigious local, regional, and global institutions, and applied international best practices in terms of quality, safety, and professionalism. As a result, it became a leader in Saudi Arabia’s construction industry, and consistently delivers complex construction projects that surpass all expectations.

Thabat Construction

Our Homes, Our Culture

مرآة هويتنا

نطور الأحياء السكنية بمفهومها العصري، لتلهمك في مناطقها المفتوحة وحدائقها الخلابة، تثري حياتك بمتعة السير على الأقدام، توفر كل احتياجاتك وتمنحك راحة الاكتفاء، تجعلك جزءاً من الطبيعة، وتتيح لعائلتك امتلاك الوحدات السكنية عالية الجودة في أحياء متكاملة، تواكب المتطلبات العصرية للسوق المحلي، والمعايير الحديثة

لمساكننا مزايا

في عالمنا اليوم الذي يشهد طلبات هائلة على المساكن عالية الجودة، حرصنا على أن نجعل اختيار الأسرة لمنزلها المثالي أكثر سهولةً ومرونة لمختلف شرائح المجتمع، عبر الالتزام بتقديم وحدات سكنية تتناغم مع ثقافة المجتمع، والإبداع في تطويرها بمزايا تنافسية تبرزها عن غيرها من مشاريع السوق العقاري السعودي


التطوير العقاري

نقدم حلولاً عقارية متكاملة ونطوِّر أسلوب معيشةٍ يحمل في طياته أهدافاً اجتماعية واقتصادية وترفيهية، لنكون أحد أكبر المساهمين في النهضة العمرانية بالمملكة العربية السعودية وفق رؤية المملكة ٢٠٣٠

فله، ثبات للتطوير العقاري ، فلل ، فلل للبيع ، التطوير العقاري ، عقارات الدمام ، ، الدمام

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For the next generations

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